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The Objective

Articial Intelligent, Machine Learning is the current trend. The objective of this excellent course was to be in a position to make distinctions between e-commerce applications and Machine learning applications both at architectural, if necessary at down to programming level. It turns out Application development is OLTP meanwhile Machine Learning is OLAP. This course also allowed me to make a distinction between Apache Flink and Apache Spark. Both frameworks are addressing issues in the Machine learning field, they are not competing with each but complimentary technologies. Most importantly Machine Learning does not directly effect any Application developer wanting to remain in OLTP.

Machine Learning Maths

This all the maths prerequisite knowledge you need to be able to follow the course.

Maths World

World of maths is very big. One doesn't need to be familiar with all of it be proficient in Machine learning, just some of it. Actually if working with APIs then hardly any of it, arguably just know what is going to happen the API parameters.